Got my first couple of games in with pIursk last night, I am well and truly sold.

Iron Flesh: How did I get by for so long with out this spell, in both games I cast it on some IFP who where in shield wall, my cygnar opponent could shift them for love nor money.

Superiority: Who doesn’t love a move 6 Spriggan

Inhospitable ground : I get the feeling this will be worth it’s weight in gold. I like attrition warfare and using this spell will limit my opponents ability to engage my second wave.

Feat: I tended to pop this on my first turn as a defensive measure after running the IFP into the enemy or a control zone

It’s just a combination of win, there where a few problems though as well. Firstly he is a bit squishy (by Khador standards) but you need to play him close to the front line I have to be more carful with his placing as I let a destroyer get a bead on him that took a large chunk out his health.

There is also a lack of magic weapons and path finder in the army. I suspect I can get by without the magic weapons (The doom reveres have them at least) but I need to work out a way to get pathfinder in, currently only the spriggan and manhunter have it.

Purchase wise I finally got my hands on the one man-o-war I was missing so I finally have a full squad of 5 to use with eIursk. I grabbed Gorman DiWulf who I have been wanting to try out for a while.