Well I had a lot of fun at Orktoberfest and got a reasonable amount of painting done on the Sisters before I went down.  I'm continuing to work on them in preparation for Madgrot Mackay next weekend.

I jumped onto Ebay today though and thought I'd share my find in my "recommended for you"section.
Saladin Armoured Car

Yes that's an armoured car for sale there minus the turret.  Awesomeness on six wheels.

The Saladin was a large and heavy armoured car, weighing at about 11.5 tonnes it was a six wheeled drive vehicle which bore many similarities to the WW2 American staghound, or M38, which were used in number by the British in 1945. The Saladin was armed with two machine guns, as well as a very powerful 76mm main gun. This vehicle was of the same 'family' as the FV603 Saracen armoured Personnel Carrier and the Ferret Scout Car. 

Photos of the sisters to come shortly along with a batrep I hope.