This guy will be my second "Canoness", a recent addition to the list after Orktoberfest.  I found that my list just doesn't have enough ummph since I dropped the IG platoon, so I'm looking for other ways to make it better.

He started life as an Empire Warrior Priest.  To make him more suitable, I removed as many of the twin comet tail symbols as I could, leaving only the set on his right shoulder pad (because I can make them look like parchment) and removed the "SIGMAR" from his left shoulder.  I then turned his hammer pendant into an I with greenstuff, filled his book to cover the other hammer symbol there, and the greenstuffed a Fleur de Lys onto his now empty shoulder pad to help tie him in with the rest of the force.  This was my first time greenstuffing something like that as opposed to the filling and joining jobs that I've done in the past.  Plenty more to learn, but I enjoyed the work.

Astute readers, particularly Australian Catholics will probably recognise the name from the heading, and if you're wondering, yes my other Canoness is Mary.  I've just recently changed my lists to list her as Saint Mary instead of the previous Blessed Mary in line with her recent Sainthood.  For those who are wondering what that hell I'm going on about, you can find out more HERE and HERE.
Comments, suggestions, and criticisms welcome.