Here are the claws from the previous Tyranid post, put on the Tervigon. She's still a bit of a work in progress, I've been thinking about some additions: maybe breaking the old 6 limb rule and putting some small warrior talons front chest, or coming up with an actual termagant hatching thing, or eggsac or something. I also plan on putting it on a large Trygon base with some gaunts, because I'm really big on the suffix's determine base size, Trygon-Tervigon, Carnifex-Tyranofex.

Anyway, here she is thus far. Trygon body and big claws, Carnifex leds/tail/head. The mandibles are the Trygon prime mandibles cut down, keeping a bit of the tube thats on it to go reach behind the head a bit. I magnetized the inside a little so I could attach a clusterspine carapace peice if I wanted to, or just attach some sort of back mounted cannon and make them Tyrannofex's.