The main comment I had about the start of my Tervigon was that it looked too much like a big Carnifex, it was true, but I was stumped. I needed to add a row of spine nubs along the center of the back, but I just couldn't come up with a good solution to the birthing chamber. until now!

Ravener kit to the rescue! hahahaaa! Seriously that kit comes with 12 chests for 3 dudes, so lots of left overs.

I thought about adding a large carnifex spike out the front of the birthing chamber curved up under the chin, a side profile would make it look like the hive guard, but I'm not sure. I also thought about using the barbed strangler sac and tube attached under the hip with the tube going to where the back spike is on the birthing chamber, but meh, not sure about that either. With the Mawloc jaws on each side, they look like broken ribs, kind of like the codex picture for the Tervigon, which is always cool.

I removed the crushing claws so you can have a good look at the birthing chamber.  There is still work to do. Anyway, here's the latest update, what do you think?