Feh, don't you just hate how real life invades, conquers, and destroys your precious hobby time at the worst opportune moments?

I'm going to miss that painting streak I had going. :)

Anyway, Killjoy is one of the few Outcast models I needed to really complete my set from Book 1.  I'm not a big fan of the whole rotting fat zombie look he has going, but I am a big fan out all the rotting bodies he theoretically will leave in his wake.
I say theoretical because I haven't actually run a game with him yet.

I went with the purple/pink color scheme because I really wanted to emphasize Killjoy's neverborn origins rather than focus too much on the undead aspect that a lot of other people seem to focus on. Pale flesh, rotting green, etc just seemed too played out.
I really had a lot of fun messing with the washes and trying out different combinations to create different color effects.
It's hard to see in the pics, but there are quite a few places where the washes sort of fade together, which is as close to blending as I'm going to get.

The biggest complaint I have about the model is that his chain is really REALLY flimsy. It's on the verge of snapping off at the hook and I'm not too sure what I'm going to do once that does happen.
I sorta sped through the bandages as they really bored me. Bleached bone, black and sepia wash and slight highlights to make each wrap "pop" out. Considering the speed I did them, they turned out pretty decent.