The Drakhun fills an interesting role in the Khador army. Khador, typically known for being big and slow, is actually very fast. Using the right caster, you can slingshot this guy straight into its target. Strakhov with his feat and Vlad with his stat boosting are two quick ones. I've been working on my color scheme for the regulars in the army. This guy needs to stand out but still show he can throw down. So red on him with some damage. He's currently in progress so it'll change a bit from this state. The main colors I think are about done.

Flash with a little bit of light
Keep it red and dirty

High-ho giant horse! Away!

Profile with direct lighting
I'm looking forward to finishing this guy, possibly this weekend. I still need to track down a Shocktrooper for the dismount, but I can always use my Kovnik in the meantime.