I left just prior to lunch time on Friday and began the long drive down to Brisbane, unfortunately up this way we've had a lot of rain and the roads weren't roads so much as strips of bitumen filled with potholes large enough to swallow my "Shoebox of Death".  I eventually made it safely to my brothers house with just enough time to say hello and borrow their loo before driving across town to catch up with some mates at Lonestar.   Mmmmmm Cheesy Fries....

Saturday morning I got to the tournament and found out that I was the first one there, closely followed by Ross and Damo.  I got myself a coffee and the TO's got our first round under way which saw me face a rather nasty Space Wolf army.  This army got the lowest comp score at the event, and rightfully so.  I lost my game before even placing a model as we faced off in a Killpoint mission with Dawn of War.  He won the roll and choose to deploy first.  His three squads of Long Fangs, three las/plas Razorbacks and multimelta/heavy flamer Land Speeders tore me up as I tried vainly to cross a board with no line of sight blocking terrain.  So first game was a lovely major loss for me.  Only up from here.

On my second game I got to play against a nicely done Pre Heresy World Eaters army (using the Blood Angels Codex).  I enjoyed my game and it came right down to the wire in the end. He smashed me with long range firepower whilst I tried to hunker down on the objectives and managed to pull through with a minor win.

My third game was against Tyranids with a wide variety of units.  I opted to deploy second and managed to seize the initiative.  My refused flank approach smashed apart his army as I countered his fast moving units and whitled down his slower ones.  We ran out of time on turn four with me holding a minor win.  Had we had a further turn, I had a good chance of pushing it to a major, but such is life.

I went home from the first day with a major loss and two minor wins, it could be worse.

I was running a little late on the second day as I'd managed to sleep in, and people were already setting up there armies for display.  I didn't think I had time to setup the sisters so I got a coffee and spoke with a couple of people that I knew and placed my votes for best army.  Turns out I probably could have.  For some reason I didn't take any photos of the armies which was a shame as there was some lovely pieces of work there.

My fourth opponent was to be Saul, a friend of Adam's who I'd faced in round two.  He had a cool all biker army with no biker nobs.  Unfortunately for him the dice were against him and I pulled back my shell of rhinos whilst smashing unit after unit with flamers and bolters.  My canoness pulled off a lucky second turn charge that held up Wazdakka and his unit for most of the game and let me control the board and the flow of the battle.  I finished up with a very convincing major win.

For some reason I don't have any photos of my last game, probably because it went downhill so fast.  He had a tooled up ten strong biker nob squad which was fine by me.  But my Exorcists failed to roll higher than a 2 for the first two turns, letting them hit my lines almost untouched.  I tried hard to pull it back but they just crushed my units under weight of attacks.  In the end I conceded the match on turn four as he had already won and completed all of the bonus victory requirements when they called 20 minutes left.  We figured it was better to finish up and get packed up sooner rather than spend another twenty minutes of slowly trying to grind through sisters of battle squads.  He was a good opponent and pleasant to face, and I still enjoyed the match even if I was crushed to a pulp.

I finished dead middle of the pack in the end which wasn't bad considering my list.  I've decided that since I'm getting most of the points for painting now, that instead of pushing on, I'm going to paint up my guard platoon to replace the Storm Troopers and their Chimera.  I noticed my biggest problem was suppression fire when either my Exorcists were dealt with early on or failed to perform by rolling a high number of shots.  The guard platoon will help to counter this which will give me a better edge in my games next time.