I headed into the club the other day to help Wonna run the end of year Apocalypse battle.  It was much smoother run in the past thanks to a few handy changes that had been implemented since the last time (such as making people pay in advance for the day to ensure that they actually turned up and didn't screw up the balance).  I stayed unitl just after lunch to do the pizza run and took a few photos of the first and second turns.  It seems a lot of fun was had by all though and the smoothness of the event is promising for future events.

The teams were spilt into four chaos armies versus three space marine forces, an Eldar force and a smaller contingent of Imperial Guard.  In the end the forces of evil won holding three objectives to none, probably due to their aggressive playstyle and their more co ordinated attack.

Enjoy the pictures:

Turn 1

From the other end of the table

Wes failed to call down an Orbital Bombardment but the weather did instead

fester's Hellblade screams over the forces of good strafing them

Another shot of the Hellblade

The two sides shape up to each other

A very large Greater Daemon of Nurgle (mostly made from expanding foam)

The Alliance of Good consults with one another

The forces of Chaos push into the enemy's lines

Sons of Horus Terminators bring up the rear of one flank

Dark Angels try to hold off a Daemon invasion

Wes' Orbital Bombardment arrives

Nurgle Terminators hunt the damaged Baneblade...

...and take it out in a storm of melta shots

 A general overview of the battle