I’ve finally started working on a large centerpiece model for my gaming table(s). Since Line of Sight is so important in 5th Edition – it has becoming increasingly important to have terrain where people can’t simply snipe you through a window with a Vindicator.

So in looking through the hard bound version of the 40k Rulebook I drew inspiration from Pages 238 and 239. Research Station B8400761 is a pretty neat looking piece. However, I am not nearly skilled enough with creating my own terrain to think I could replicate it. But I did like the size and shape of the building represented there.

So with that in mind I set out to build my second piece of terrain ever with foamcore board. So far this is what I have created – the framework for all the other decorations and such to take a hold on. I wanted a multi level piece that offered some unique play AND (most importantly) blocked some damn LoS!

Obviously it still has a way to go – but I am really pleased with how it has come out so far. The colored dots you see are simply the pins holding it in place while it dries tonight.

I plan on offering some textures and other design elements to it tomorrow. Look for updates soon!