Well given last year's horrible results, I'm once again working on my New Years Hobby Resolution.  Given that I didn't achieve all of my goals last year, some of these might seem a little familiar...

1. Update the Blog
This was one of the few things that I did with anything approaching success.  That said I want it here as a reminder to keep at it.  Given that I'm moving, starting a new job and resuming studies, this will actually be harder than it was last year.  So my goal is to continue providing at least two updates per month but in all honesty, I'm going to push for three.

2. Finish my Sisters of Battle
Yeah, they're still on the list.  The goal is to have them fully completed by the middle of the year including extra squads not normally in my 1750 list.

3. Paint my Blood Bowl Teams
I'd like to get at least two of the three teams that I now own painted by the end of the year.  Most likely the Dark Elves - West Coast Raiders(based on Black Ark Corsairs), and the Orcs - Unknown(I haven't come up with a name for this team yet so suggestions are welcome).

4. Paint my Flames of War army
These poor guys are lamenting in a state of mostly undercoated.  They are now quite high up on the list of things to get painted, especially if I can find some suitable opponents in Brisbane for casual gaming.

5. Try new painting techniques and paints
The Acrylicos Vallejo range of paints is still up on my list of things to do.  The other is to learn to use my shiny new airbrush and compressor.  I'm hoping to use it to paint my Tau which have needed finishing longer than my Sisters of Battle.  The tanks should be the perfect medium to learn how to get even coats and to try out some detail work in the form of camouflage patterns.