False Hope Crusade Battle Report:  Warhammer 40,000:  Orks vs. Eldar

Waaagh Karnage! vs. Amohan-Tep Craftworld.
Orks vs. Eldar in an 1850 point Annihilation game
Deployment: Dawn of War.
Ork Victory: 1700 Victory Points to 630. (It was really, really bad for the Eldar!)
Planet: Orritus
* With Orks celebrating the bounty claim of Captain Bruno of the Star Dragons space marine chapter, and reports of their warlord Krogg Magogg Satogg still alive, morale was up in Kamp Karange, the base of operations on Thrak for the orks. Four Kill Kroozers were dispatched to meet with the Dragon Warriors to claim the bounty of Captain Bruno and break out into different areas with small fleets thanks to Admiral Dakkabar directing the space forces of the ork clans.

While Imperial forces gave chase after the Ork Admiral, the Kroozers broke formation, randomly bringing strike forces and raiding parties into various subsectors of the False Hope Sector. One such strike team was led by a cunning Warboss from the Goff clans, Tirog Magogg, yet another foul spore-son of Krogg and Ghazkull. Tirog was just the newest member of the Goff clan to attempt to step up to the role of temporary warband leader. But this warlord had the blessings of the Warphead, Eggogg Maggog, the ork psyker of Waaagh Karnage.
Looking to pillage nearby to Thrak, Tirog led a strike team and as they made landfall, dispatched different teams across the planet's surface. He led one such warband through a rural area where a river cut through a valley, where rolling hills concealed a runined outpost that Ork fighta-bombas had just laid to waste. They were moving in to clean the area and see if anything of intrest lay in the area.

Unbeknownst to the orks at the time, an Eldar hunting team from Craftworld Amohan-Tep was in the area tracking their ship. They have had spies following the progress of the infamous "Bruno Bounty" themselves and had even thought about turning on the loyalist forces to claim the prize as their own. Since the Dragon Warriors had captured Captain Bruno, perhaps the Eldar were hoping to rescue the captain and make a deal or cash in on a reward from the Star Dragons?

No matter the motiviation, the Eldar tracked the orks to Orritus and laid in wait, hoping to unleash a surprise attack as the orks moved through the cover of darkness, reaching their target location just before dawn. Yes, it was the Dawn of War between Orks and Eldar. Seeing their hated foe, the Eldar leaders had only one mission on their mind. Kill them. Kill them all.

(Ork turn 1)
As the Orks moved forward, the Big Mek Squigtooth was mobbed up with a large group of ork boyz, carrying his Kustom Force Field projector on his back. A small squad of gretchin led by a runtherder took the point before them, the Mek using the gretchin as a cover screen.

As they made their way around the eastern side of the river and around the ruined outpost, it looked as if the area was bare and no enemy forces could be sighted. Backing them up would be a mob of Killa Kanz, more gretchin with Zzap Guns took position into the woods to the south west. Stormboyz from the White squad, led by the infamous "Chubby Chekkaz" raced down the eastern flank, bringing themselves in range of the Mek's force field.

Tirog would back up in reserve with a large mob of shoota boyz (orks with machine guns), the new "Red Baron", trained by Boss Zagstruk himself and Da Vulcha Boyz, took to the air in a customized Ork Bomber, and would arrive later. Another Ork Runterder Vogg Magogg, would back up the forces with the G.O.D. (Grots Of Doom), and the cunning Nob Orkold Shwarzenorker would lead a team of Karnage Kommandos dubbed "The Destructive Dozen" in a, outflanking approach to the battle scene.
(Eldar turn 1) (everything was held off the table for Dawn of War deployment). What did manage to come to the scene hoped to take the orks on by surprise. As two Falcon Grav-Tanks came down the North West ridge line, they were backed up by Eldar foot troops. One tank held a squad of Dire Avengers, and the other Dragon Warriors for anti-armor capabilities. Snipers snuck into the flowing river hoping to use their cunning camoflage tactics to conceal their positions and pick off ork troops.

To the central North, Warp Spider troops appeared and fired shots into the Ork mob and grots advancing down the Eastern flank. To the North East, an Eldar Seer Council on jetbikes sprung forth from the cover of darkness and unleashed fire and projectiles into the gretchin mob and orks. By some act of luck, a handful of gretchin survived, no doubt to the aid of the Kustom Force Field carried by the Big Mek. The Seer Council wanted to assault the ork mob behind the gretchin, but despite defensive measures taken by the grots, they would not be able to advance past them and also reach the orks.
The few remaining gretchin were no match for the Eldar and were cut down or ran, but delayed them enough to set the orks up for an assault of their own.
(Ork turn 2)
The cover of darkness gave way to the dawning of the morning sunlight upon the battlefield on Orritus. The roar of turbine jet engines announced the arrival of "Da Flyin' Circumstances", trained by Da Vulcha Boyz...(count as), Da Red Baron had arrived and his mob of stormboyz decended from the sky from their transport and impacted the ground right where the Eldar Warp Spiders had teleported to, closer to the Western side of the battlefield. Performing a daring assault, 2 of the boyz were caught in the "Death From Above" manuver, as they slammed into the Warp Spiders.
On the Eastern Flank, Big Mek Squigtooth urged his mob of orks forward and they ran up to shoot their sluggas at and than assault the Seer Council. Even worse for the Eldar was that the White Storm mob of stormboyz kicked their packs into high thrust (18 inches jump!) and landed just aside of them, 20 stormboyz joining 30 ork boyz in an assault on a 5 or 6 man eldar seer council. This was going to be bloody.  (Somewhere in the neighborhood of 140 attacks!)
ZZap gun crews had dug in positions in the woods, but failed to hit anything. Killa Kanz moved to the ruined outpost structure, climbing the smoky ruins but failing to shoot rokkits into anything.  In the Assaults the Red Baron and his boyz killed all but 2 of the Warp Spiders, who remained locked in combat with them. On the East, The combined mobs of orks killed all but one from the Seer Council, but the brave warrior held on, keeping the mob of orks locked in combat with him, but not the stormboyz any more.
(Eldar turn 2)
Reinforcements would arrive for the Eldar, a troupe of Harlequins led by a Troupe Master came in leaping and bounding over ruined rocks and trees, and leapt into battle with the unengaged Stormboyz from White Storm squad. The Falcon Grav tanks moved forward, trying to throw some firepower into the ork lines. They managed to damage a killa kan and kill a couple of orks. Eldar snipers also tried to take out the kans from a distance but failed, just impacting on the armored front of the grot-piloted walkers.

The eldar Warp Spiders didn't last long against the Red Baron, but killed a few more orks before they died. So too did the Harlequins, who did a number on the White storm mob.
(Ork turn 3):
Finally the Warboss, shoota boyz and G.O.D. showed up to the scene. The Grots Of Doom took up position around their friends with the Zzap guns, looking to counter any infantry threat from the Eldar. The Boss, Tirog Magogg, marched his shoota boyz up the center of the battlefield, dissapointed that no Eldar forces were in range of his men or their guns.
Having finished off the last of the Eldar Jetbikes and seer council, the Big Mek and Nob took their mob of orks over to the aid of their stormboyz friends and joined in the fray with the Harlequins. Not dying easily, the Harlequins took out a number of orks before they were cut down to a man. This allowed the orks to spread out again, the storm boyz hugging the ridge line to the East, but staying in cover range of the Mek's Kustom Forcefield.
On the Western flank, having dispatched the warp spiders and taking cover in the river, the Red Baron (Zagstruk) and his men took to the air again and came crashing down into one of the eldar sniper units hiding in the cover of the river and river bank. They would shoot down a few and assault them and kill off that squad of troops, and than take cover inside the river as well, but lost a few orks to the swift and dangerous current of the river.
(Eldar turn 3):
Running out of forces quickly, the Eldar had to comepensate for their gross under-estimation of the Ork forces at hand. They did not anticipate their speed in counterminding their well thought out plans of attack. One Falcon Grav Tank raced south and West and deployed the Dragon Aspect Warriors in the face of the Killa kanz. The resulting melta weapons fire damaged one kan and completely destroyed another. They would than assault the remaining kanz and placed a melta-bomb on one and caused it to become a wreck as well, leaving just one that was shaken.

The other Flacon Grav Tank cut Eastward and deployed the Dire Avengers, who popped out and laid down a hail of fire into the ork mob with aid from the grav tank. They were too eager however, as they managed to gun down the front line of orks, leaving the next wave back from them a bit inside difficult terrain 5 inches away. (They rolled a 3 on the assault).
(Ork turn 4)
Sensing more blood, the orks sprung into action yet again. On the Western flank, they had already finished off Warp Spiders and one sniper squad. Da Red Baron ordered his men to jump and manuver through the river and chase off the last squad of eldar snipers. 3 of his men died when their packs failed to ignight and they were pulled under water by their own weight and lack of bouyancy. This left Da Red Baron and one man in his mob left, who got scared and was turning to run. That's when the Red Baron brought his choppa down upon the ork's head, killing him where he stood. "We don't run!" yelled the Red Baron, who than jumped up into the air and came crashing down into the middle of the five eldar snipers, killing 4 of them and chasing the 5th one away, who dove into the river for cover.

On the Eastern flank, The big mob of orks turned back onto the Dire Avengers. The loud "whoosh!" of rokkit packs told the Mek that the few remaining stormboyz with Chubby Chekkaz, their nob, would be joining in on the assault. The orks had called their Waaagh!, bringing more troops to the fight. Warboss Tirog Magogg watched on with delight as his mob slowly advanced Northward, seeing only a few of his units taking the fight to the Eldar. When the smoke cleared, there was only one Avenger left, who was running for his life.

(Eldar turn 4)
Not much left to do here. The lone Dire Avenger kept running away from the orks, but did manage to gun down 2 more orks before making his escape.
The Dragon Warriors on the West flank managed to finish off the last of the Killa kanz. The Falcon Grav tank tried to pump fire into the river, and take out The Red Baron. He wasn't seen rising from the river. (Rumor has it he survived and escaped).  The other Falcon Grav Tank tried to shoot as many ork warriors as it could but the damned Ork Force Field did it's job keeping orks alive.

(Ork Turn 5)
Finally, after getting lost, Orkold Schwarzenorker showed up with his Kommandos on the ridge to the East. Seeing no foes to fight, they just held their position and took it all in. It was an amazing scene of carnage laid to waste by their ork comrades.

The large ork mob with the Big Mek assaulted the Falcon Grav Tank by them and managed to prevent it from moving or shooting, stunning the crew with power klaws and grenades and choppas. The warboss just watched on as his troops killed off so many eldar.

The stormboyz left them and went after the other Grav Tank, in an effort to bring it crashing down, but failed to do such.
Also the Grots Of Doom closed into range on the Dragon Warriors. The Zzap guns continued their ineffective display of firepower. Either they were too underpowered to do any damage or they were charged strong and failed to hit anything.

(Eldar turn 5):
The lone Dire Avenger escaped the horde of orks, no doubt with tales of green horror to tell his superiors. The handful of Dragon Warriors, undaunted turned their guns to the stormboyz, but only managed to kill off one of them, and just couldn't stop the orks from ruining their day. The other Grav Tank was unable to do anything, suffering short circuits from the ork mob assault.

(((Game was called here on account of time to allow club play for more games even though a turn 6 was approved. This was quickly played out with dice to determine final results))).

(Ork Turn 6):
The combined mob of orks managed to jump on top of the Falcon Grav Tank, and the nob with the Power Klaw ripped it apart, causing the vehicle to become a wreck with over a dozen orks clambering over it and smashing it apart.
The stormboyz tried one last time between them and the Zzap guns to take out the other Grav Tank. It survived their attempts, and would go on to escape. It is very possible that grot shooting could have whittled down the Dragon Warriors.
Photobucket(Eldar Turn 6):
Dragon warriors and one Falcon grav tank are all that's left. Short of killing a squad of Gretchin (55 points), the warriors would clamber aboard their transport and flee to safety, perhaps one day to seek out revenge.
Final results: Estimated: 1700 Victory Points scored by the Orks of Waaagh Karnage!
630 points scored by the Eldar, a solid Ork victory.