Now this is a model worth painting again and again. I had so much fun doing this, because it was easy and quite straight forward to do. Same colours as what the dreadnought have been painted with, but on a smaller model.

The model itself makes brilliant HQ, making a terrifying opponent to face when in close combat. I would definately suggest using one as it gave me a good result when defeating a bunch of Dark Angel HQ characters and Terminators.


Spray chaos black

Foundation paint, Hormagaunt purple

Drybrush Gretchin green (Leaving side area’s purple)

Green wash

Drybrush Gretching green (This time picking out side areas)


Boltgun metal

Gryphonne Sepia wash

Brass parts

Dwarf Bronze

Badab black

Fly emblem

Rotting flesh


Boltgun metal

Devlan mud

Badab black


Blood red mixed mix Skull white (So it makes a pink colour)

Red Wash

Skull white teeth

Blood red tongue

Scythe binding handle

Bleached bone

Devlan mud

Typhus’s ‘Chimney’s’

Boltgun metal

Devlan mud