Playing a lil' catch-up here, here is the minis I've been working on:

Emperor's Champi0n - My version has a huge mace instead of a sword! I also used a WH fantasy head and Sanguinary Guard chestpiece. The new Blood Angel pieces are nice, so you'll be seing them make appearances now and then. This guy has been primed as of these photos.

These guys got a repaint, Here they are awaiting touchups to the eyes and details. I couldnt do much with the base or poses since I broke one pretty badly trying to unsnap his placement/arms/head etc. and fashion them how I liked. I think the mini came out ok with some work though:

I replaced his broken off head with a new Death Company head along with some BT bits.

Here is the sergeant type guy to lead this squad with his powerfist. new BA pieces make another appearance here.

And here is the Marshal/Castellian leading this army. The best thing about him is...

I've magnetized him! I couldnt decide on a permanent head or weapon loadout so I just magnetized two heads (helmeted and un-helmeted) as well as some weapons (more to be added).

Different loadout for the Marshal. More to come!