The Sanguinor, The Exemplor of the Host

This model was so awe inspiring hat i felt i must start a small Blood Angels army, if not a big one. This model is to lead a small set of Sanguinor guard, along with a few other bits.

Unfortunately for me and my painting ability i was no able to use non metallic paint to make this look the best it could be, so i had to compensate by using metallics. So by seeing i cannot do non metallic painting look metallic i suggest that whoever wants one like it will have to look up the Eavy Metal Guide in the Blood Angels white dwarf.

For the Gold i used:


Shining Gold

Badab Black

Drybrush Shining Gold

Highlight Burnished Gold

To be honest with you all, this isn’t the best model i have done, but for a metallic model with detail i loved doing it. Thanks for reading up.