Ork Warlord Krogg Satogg
Waaagh! Karnage is the 'new' name for my Ork army, formerly known as Krogg's Karnage.    Being a player of fluff, my Warlord Krogg was captured during a campaign, but thanks to a massive hunt after I placed a bounty upon the captive Space Marine captain's head, I will get my warlord back in a prisoner exchange.

So, as I am in a stage of rebuilding my army and working up more fluff and background story, I thought it fun to recap some of the Karnage's most memorable events over the past 18-24 months....

3rd place trophy
Warlord Krogg helps me celebrate a 3rd place showing in the Freedom Alliance 40K tournament at the Adventurer's Guild in Harrisburg, PA

One of my most favorite vicotories was a 7-turn game that came down to the final turn.   A win over the Dark Angels: "Exiles of Calliban" run by my friend DJ.   In turn 1 of this battle, the Dark Angels shot out both ork trukks.  The Warboss's trukk with a load of 'ard boyz kareened 18 inches on the 'Ramshakle' Table...stopping after 13 inches, at terrain.   The following turn the orks moved forward on their turn 1, and laid into an assault, eventually pulling down the elusive Cypher (who managed to teleport out).

Orks destroying tanks
Freedom Alliance Tournament really started to shape up a tourney-rivalry with my friend Anthony Gibbs and his battle sisters.   This game ended in an intense draw, but not only did my orks pop several of his tanks and transports, but the lone "Red Baron" of my stormboyz mob jumped around all by himself with his Big Choppa taking out 2 more tanks, including an Exorcist!
Da Red Barun destorys another sister's tank.

Mechanicon 2009:  Warlord Krogg faced off against a Tyranid Army.   Big nids.  He ended up besting a Carnifex in single combat and chased the sucker off.   My opponent kept running it away from the dreaded Ork Warlord.    At least this battle ended up in a tie.  Tyranids are one of the toughest opponents for me to figure out.

This battle was a 3000 point challenge by one of our club members who wanted to throw his Blood Angels against my orks.   It was a massive throwdown, with my Orks outnumbering him 5 to 1.   It was ugly and brutal and we dominated on almost all fronts.    One of my favorite highlights was my Deff Dread conversion, Skorponox, tearing apart a Land Raider.
Karnage vs. Hambali 501st Imperial Guard:   This was the first time I faced off against Ed, one of our Club Members and his very dangerous Mechanized Guard.    My orks laid waste to a lot of tanks and Guardsmen that day.  The highlight clearly was the Deff Dread "Da Noize" tearing apart a Chimera with rokkits and also killing 8 of the 10 veterans inside.   The dread than proceeded to assault the two lone guardsmen.   This photo ended up on Bell of Lost Souls as a "photo of the day".

Krogg's Karnage vs. Chaos Marines
My first time meeting local players that would become the Berks-PA Gaming Club was a fun day of fights and battle.  I took on Battle Sisters, Eldar, Chaos Daemons, and Chaos Space Marines that day and won each battle.   It was just more fun showing my models since I was the only Ork player at the time.   Clearly Skopronox, my deff dread made a name for itself, taking on a Chaos champion one on one and also laying waste to mobs of troops alongside the warboss. 
Krogg's Karnage vs. Chaos Marines
Mechanicon 2009:  This was one of my first times to a big event....my second GT style tournament ever.   I faced a great variety of opponents.   One of the most fun games I had was against a Chaos Player from NJ, and we had a blast.    My stormboyz and warboss wiped out  his Demon Princes and tore into his troops giving me one of my most memorable victories ever.

Ork Stompa
My first ever Apocalypse Battle was at the Adventurer's Guild in a massive 7 vs 7, each player with 3000 points, battle.   21,000 points per side.     Though our side technically lost, we had a lot of fun and the MVP for our side, the 'Attackers' was my Stompa:  Gorkzilla!    I have only gotten to use this thing twice and have yet to finish painting it, but it is a lot of fun to use!

Mechanicon 2010:  One of the toughest armies for me to face is Tyranids, especially Nid-Zilla lists using lots of big bugs.   This battle raged into a variant of Anihillation with bonus points on HQ choices.   Not only did I manage to pull out a draw, but in one turn I swung the battle 700+ battle points from a -396 to a +300+ for me in turn 4.   Warboss Atogg at the time claimed a Trygon and a Tervagaunt as kills.  This was a major Moral Victory for The Karnage.
Ah, my first time against Charlie "Darklance", known for his Dark Eldar. We were returning from an Apoc Game at the Adventurer's Guild and had a 1000 point throwdown of our own. We set up "winter" terrain and had a fun battle. In the end, My orks bested him and my Killa Kanz took out his Talos. I had joked I wanted to collect 3 Talos and convert them into Killa Kanz to join my deff dread Skorponox. This battle was the seed I needed to plant to make the fluff for that part of my army's story to work.

A local game that was a huge victory for the Karnage was against Edgar Blum and his tyranids. This was after my crushing loss to Tyranids at Mechanicon 2009. I really had not had much experience, but this time, I had an idea, and my orks charged a massive wall of nids and held them off to go on and win the game. Even better was the photo I got of my Ork warboss Krogg Satogg in the mix with Nids.
Cabin Fever 2010: My first game was against a Mechanized Guard player. Mission was table quarters and all of our units deep struck into the field of battle. This was unfortunate for him as my units were spread out and intercepted him every time something came into play. Warlord Krogg took down a Vendetta Gunship as well as an entire veteran Squad and chimera single-handedly with his Power Klaw. Yet another solid victory and one of my favorites.

Berks Club Days, 2011: The Eldar of Mark Van Horn were on a major winning streak, and Mark and I hadn't played in over a year. We played a match at 1850, and it was bad. Really bad for him. Infact, I wrote up a battle report, but this was such a one-sided domination by orks. The highlight was when the seer council failed to get past the grot screen and that was simultaneously assaulted by 30 orks and 20 stormboyz, for a whopping 140 attacks!