Hello again and welcome to my third commission, which is a Eldar Avatar for a friend. As normal ill explain what it meant for me to do it, explain a little about the model and then tell you how i did it with a full Guide from my own ‘Masterclass’.

The Eldar Avatar is a god above all else to the Eldar and they hold him above all of their Phoenix Lords. The Avatar is called upon when all else fails, to raise morales to the soldiers of the army. The Avatar has different amount of abilities, raw power that will force the enemy to cower in fear of its immense power or disintegrate their flesh. A mighty slash from his sword will blow a mighty hole in any enemy.

Painting this model taught me alot about painting, and that is that, you don’t need the model to be colourful for it to look very good. So for this model i was provided with a simple picture that gave me a base amount of colours to go by. The model was to be a type of Ash model, and the gems were like incased Lava.

This model was definately an experience for me to do as i’m used to doing space marines, but i definately enjoyed doing Eldar, and would happily do it again.

So here are the colours:


Chaos Black undercoat

Codex Grey drybrush the whole model (to get the raised edges)

Then also highlight certain parts with Codex grey that will make the model stand out more.

Gems and other orange parts

Merchite red

Blazing orange (Until you have a strong tone,leaving a small amount of red behind)

Golden yellow (Again until you have a strong tone of yellow leaving some orange)

Sunburst Yellow Highlight (This is literally a small amount within the Golden yellow patch, so yet again you leave a small amount of the other colours shining through.)

Skull White Dots (Make a small line in whichever corner you like and also a dot above it, this gives the impression it is shining.)

The Sword

Chaos Black sword

Regal blue lines all over the sword, whatever design you want.

Enchanted Blue inside the lines of the Darker blue

Ice blue even thinner in those lines.

Ice Blue mixed with Skull white, ratio of 1:1 just to make the Blue that little bit lighter, this then makes the lightning stand out alot more.

Skull white highlight in small doses along the lighter blue lines, you don’t need alot on the brush so wipe most of it off.

Asurman Blue wash, to make the sword look ike a night time lightning strike is taking part.

Gloss varnish the whole sword

Highlight the same white parts, white again


Skull white till you have a good coat.

Badab Black to make the hair grey with a slight tinge of white

Thanks for reading, hope any of this has helped, ya’ll let me know what you think of it.