Hi everyone, last week I finished up a Vendetta and did some crunch time modeling Friday. Friday, I attained one of the new Hellhound kits, it's a sweet kit. I wanted to use it Saturday at the 2000 pt tourney in Killeen. So, I was modeling until 3am....again. We had to leave early to make the drive. I met up with the Caldera02, Cheeseburger Josh, and StoneyChavez at 7:30 am, I was there at 7am. We made the drive with no problems, getting there early enough for a trip to Jack in the Box for breakfast.

  When we arrived, I saw Will the owner of Battlefield Games in Killeen, TX. Will just rotated back from deployment and it was great to see him back. The tourney maxed out at 20 and started promptly as always. My first opponent was Joe G with his vanilla SM Razorspam army. Now, Joe and I had a game that wasn't the most pleasant last month. But, we had a great game and I managed to get a major victory.

   When we returned from lunch, I had to play Cheeseburger Josh and his 6 dread/Meph/razorspam list. The mission was a little wonky giving 100VP per turn to each player for holding an objective. Josh got  800pts for objectives to my 100pts. However, he only had 4 or 5 models on the table at the end of the game. So, we ended up with a draw but I got max bonus points and CBJ got none.

  The last round I played Robert Z and his Salamanders. We have played quite a few times and we always have good games. I went first and got a serious alpha strike. RZ never really recovered but he was a great sport about it and played hard to the last marine. I got max points for that game.

  Battlefield Games does things a little different and gives out trophies instead of plastic, it's a nice change of pace. I ended up getting Best Overall(BPs/Paint/Sportsmanship), Caldera02 got best general getting 7 more BPs than me, and a Necron player named Chris got Best Sportsman. The Tourney was a lot of fun and was really well run. Sorry for the lack of pics, I forgot my camera...again!

  This weekend I am playing in an 1850 pt tourney at Dragon's Lair here in Austin. I expect fierce competition and we should have 26 or so players. I'm trying to get my SWs ready but if not I will break out the Praetorians again.

Go Roll Some Dice!!!