I've been working away on the tyranids, building an old one eye - tyrannofex conversion. Pondering a way to use barbed strangers as a lower jaw for a tyrannofex head, I looked over at the White Scars project gathering dust and got the motivation to start working on them again. So here are the finished drop pods, pretty standard stuff.

I thinking of painting the globe inside Ice blue, but the wife likes them plain like this. Plain is less work, hahaha. I'm still touching up the white, I've made mistakes and flicked black or silver around. Since thats gotta be fixed, I might change my mind on the blue while I'm at it

Like all the other White Scars that I've been doing, you will notice there is very little red details, I'm looking at doing some freehand designs for that. For the troops, I think that I've settled on a red lightning bolt across their left eyes. For the tanks, I've not yet decided.