Before the start of the tournament.
   Well, Saturday was another tournament at Dragon's Lair. It was 1850pts. I almost brought the IG. But, I had been working on some new SW units and a new display board. So I went with the SWs, even though I didn't get the units finished that I really wanted to bring and that was where plan B went awry. I took the units that I had painted, some not 100%. It was a mess of a list as far as competitive play goes but, it was FUN! I went 1-2 for the day and but for a bit of bad luck I would have done better.
Land Raider Redeemer and Wolf Guard, yes they need shoulder pads.
   Game 1 was a against a Tau player named Matt. It was a fun game and Matt's Tau gave the SWs a bloody nose but could not stop them. I ended up with 40 of 44 points.
New Wolf Lord on Thunder Wolf by Mythicast
   Game 2 was against Stoney Chavez and his CSM. He runs Lash, DG, Oblits, etc. I immobilized my LRR on turn 1, the scouts came in on the only side that I DIDN'T want them. Like I said luck was not with me.....and I forgot to move/assault with my LoneWolf that turn and he was then killed by the Oblits. Definitely not my best game. But it did come down to the wire. Stoney managed to pull me off two objecives into assault, one that I didn't quite kill enough in and also killed my squad contesting another objective. This gave him 3 to 0 and a score of 33-10
New display board with skulls!
 Game 3 I played a new player that was playing BA. They were really nicely painted and he was a nice young man. Once again I immobilized the LRR on first turn. This game was a knock down drag out with not much left at the end of the game. He ended up with 1 objective to my 0 and the game scored 22-17. It was a great game with a new player and was a lot of fun. Thanks to Frank for taking pics of the event!

  Once again, Dragon's Lair put on a great tournament. There were 26 players and I think 2 were turned away. So a great turn out. There is another tournament this weekend at DL with a push towards hobby(although, I seriously doubt there will be many hobby armies there.) They are limiting Heavy Support to 2 with an advantage(1 re roll per turn) to those that don't use Heavies at all, even as dedicated transports and 4 slots for Fast Attack. It should be interesting. I've got to get back to painting....

Go Roll Some Dice!!!