Ok so for the longest time I have heard that the Blood Angel Codex is the best codex to play the Soul Drinkers. Heck even their creator said that you should play the chapter with a Blood Angel Codex.

At the same time people have said that the Blood Angels are cheese and that they are over powered, and I have just started with my friends and I didn't want to grab out to the most powerful army and be thought of as THAT GUY. You know the one I mean, the guy with no skill but wins often enough because he has the biggest whatever.

So here we are with the SM codex and I am using Gate of Infinity and Avenger and other such crazy trying to get around the board as fast as possible. Not doing a terrible job but not a great one either. A few of my friends said that I should try Blood Angels codex they think I would like their style.

Fast Forward to last night, I gave in and tried the codex out. I love it, I screwed up terrible and got eaten by nids. The good news though is I think I have some ideas, I think I can move this around. I am hooked.