I love Jump Infantery in 40k. So it was either Hellions or Scourges, and well, Hellions can be troops, have killer (not to mention available - still waiting for the new plastic Scourges) models.

I quickly decided that if I was to run Hellions, I might as well take the Baron. In the game, it's a pretty nice character, cheap and add lots of interesting bonuses. Only problem is, there isn't any model yet... so I made mine. My greenstuff skills are terrible, but I think the result looks pretty ok. Skyboard isn't glued yet, hence the yellow Sticky Tack.

Sorry for the picture quality, I need better lightning.

Conversion was pretty straightforward. I tried to stay as close as possible to the picture from the Codex as I couldn't find a better pose for him. The full conversion list:
  • The skyboard was enlarged using 2 rudders from the Raider/Ravager kit ;
  • Standard Hellion legs and body ;
  • Standard arms, but repositioned a little using green stuff. There is a should pad on both sides to help hide my lousy sculpting skills ;
  • The cloak is from the Warhammer Island of Blood starter set, with some more green stuff to attach it to the body and a couple of skulls from the Raider kit ;
  • The head and hair are from the Warhammer Dark Elf Corsairs box. I initially had a standard corsair head but the hair wasn't flowing in the right direction and it made the mini look weird. So the hair was cut, repositioned, and some more greenstuff was added. I hope it'll look better once painted :-)