Mission 1 of the Crazy Tournament is Dawn of War, with the points being scored by having troops in your opponent's deployment zone, destroying a communications array, and wiping out your opponent's heavy support.

Some of the tactics I intend to employ go as follows:

1) Keep the opponent back in his deployment zone. If I get first turn, I will likely start as far forward as possible, keeping him lined up against his back board edge. If I play this right, I should be able to line Fire Warriors on the centerline, then run then back to waiting Devilfish's on turn 1.

2)Destroy the opponent's Communications Array while protecting my own. Destroying his communications array shouldn't be too hard, while protecting my own will be more difficult. Probably I will just destroy his and not guard mine at all, so as to at least break even on this objective. Depending on the army list, I may sit a Devilfish in front of mine to protect it, and if my Devilfish gets wrecked, so much the better!

3) Destroying Heavy Supports shouldn't be too hard with Railguns, so no real worries there.

4)Finally, destroy my opponents troops! While the last tactic I mention, this one is probably the most important one. If I can destroy all his troops without losing all of mine, I should win this handily. Since this isn't a kill points mission, I will probably use my battlesuits and piranhas as distracting throw-aways to protect my troops if need be.

Any advice on these tactics or further tactics? Any help is greatly appreciated!