I've been looking after puppies for the last few weeks which is why I'm a little late in posting. Posting frequency should pick up later on as the puppies get older.

Since I haven't had any time to get anything done on the 40k front, I thought I'd post some pictures of my first models. I got them from a friend already assembled and decided that since I wouldn't be able to get very good access to the chest for painting that I would use them as my learning models. Not worrying about screwing up as much let me relax and just paint them, trying to learn as much as possible on the way.

Here's the second guy. Because they were practice models and I wasn't as concerned with the outcome, I was able to experiment with a few things like the freehand Dark Angels chapter symbol on the first guy's shoulderpad that I failed to actually get a shot of (I'll post one later on) and the blue eyes on the second guy.

They're certainly not fantastic painting results but for my very first models I'm satisfied. The most important thing for me is that I learnt a whole lot about painting miniatures on the way. It's surprising how much a bit of practical application can teach you even after you've absorbed a lot of theory.

Stay tuned for more.

 - Dugatron