Woo, sorry for the lack of new content. Lots of new life situations popped up and hobby time = zero. Sacrificing sleep for an hour here and there was really the best I could do to sneak in some painting time.

I finally managed to finish painting up the Som'er crew that I won as a prize from The Gamer's Lounge ages ago.
Living in Arkansas for a few years gave me plenty of time to see what a real redneck looks like. Denim is everywhere along with worn out leather jackets, stained wife beater t-shirts, and lots of guns.
The Gremlins are PERFECT.

I decided to go with a brighter green rather than the usual dark orcish green I see everywhere. I seem to paint lots of dark colors and with the Gremlins I had a chance to go for a brighter, sillier scheme.
To break up all the green, I gave them all yellowish liver spots. The spots are actually very small, barely noticeable from three feet away, but up close, they help give some character to the crew.

I really dislike the Som'er model. The face just doesn't do anything for me. Once the hats and guns pack arrives from Wyrd, I may attempt to convert a regular gremlin into one carrying a massive rifle and wearing a giant hat, one that is obviously too big for his tiny head.
I need to work on wood grain effects and changing up leather. They are coming way too similar for my tastes.

I had so much fun painting up the crew that I went ahead and bought pretty much the remaining models to complete my collection. I need 2 more Giant Mosquitoes, the Pig-a-pult model when it is finally released, and possibly another Giant Warpig.
I did my best to model the generic gremlins into different poses or holding different gear, but I can only do so much with solid metal sculpts.
Anyone have ideas for the 3 gremlins holding the rifle in the shooting position? I hate the pose and the fact I have 4 of them irritates me.