Well, I went, I saw, and I didn't quite conquer. However, seeing as it was my first tournament, I was pleasantly surprised to come in 5th-4th! I ended up facing Deathwing (and losing horribly), Ultramarines (and winning handily), and Space Wolves (and coming very close to winning. Battle Reports are here: Crazy Tournament Battle Reports

Some of the things I learned at the tournament were to always use cover for battlesuits (I only had my batlesuits die in my first game due to this), that I love Disruption Pods, need an army designed specifically for taking out Deathwing to beat them (at least with Tau), and that I should always double-check my army list and models before I leave, because I ended up going the entire tournament without one of my Battlesuit squads (I totally forgot them and didn't even bring them)!

For me, the stars of the tournament were my twin-linked missile pod battlesuits. While they didn't kill as many marines as I'd hoped, they still managed to kill off a ton of light tanks, landspeeders, and 3-4 marine squads. I will defenitely be using them in every army list! The twin-linked really helps, and I never failed to wound with less than 5 of my 6 shots with each squad. Truly, a wonderful unit!

Anyways, for now, my time will be taken up with scheming and creating different plans to blow away Deathwing. Right now I'm thinking twin-linked Plasma Rifles to take away FNP...Stay tuned to see what comes up!