If you didn't notice, there is now a blogroll of the blogs that I follow on the left hand side of the blog.  I know that this list is limited, so if you want to add your blog to it, then contact me at howard.chen1997 at gmail.com  Also, some good news- For those of you who know of my hobby plight, my father recently decided to return to me the 40k stuff that he took away, with the help of some of my school teachers and others.  That means that I can go back to gaming again, but there's always bad news to go with good.  I've realized that the way he stuffed all of the stuff into a box has seriously ruined my painted models' paintjobs, and he also seems to have lost/permanently destroyed several models/books/posters.  This is really for the people who offered me some items to help me rebuild my army and those who are concerned about how I'm doing.  Well, have a great day.