I was able to get my hands on this book before it hit store shelves back in August 2010.   It hit shelves a month later in September.

I just finished reading this book a short while ago so I could pick up the new Space Marines Battles novel The Purging Of Kadillus.  Why did it take me seven months to read?  Because this book is just that BAD.

I struggled to finish this book.  It was not captivating nor was it even interesting.  In fact it was rather dull and laughable.  I don’t even really care to discuss the content of the book as the only enjoyment I received from this novel was Mr. Hoare’s gripping obsession with the word “cacophony”.  Every other sentence seemed to use this damn word.  Let me give you the gist of the novel and save you $12.00… Captain Kor'sarro Khan of the White Scars tracks down his arch nemesis Lord Voldorius (an Alpha Legion daemon prince), some ridiculous shit happens, Captain Shrike and the Raven Guard show up, some more stupid shit happens, Marvel’s Silver Surfer swings on by and then Voldorius is slain… The End!

My concluding thought on this novel is two parts: One, do not waste your money on this book and; two, for Mr. Hoare, “ Andy, it’s called a fething thesaurus… Try using it.”