With the Grey Knights coming out soon, we will probably be seeing tons of codex grey miniatures, along with all kinds of counts as armies based off this codex. I know that at least two friend's of mine are going to get into the Grey Knights, one of whom crushed me with his deathwing. The other friend will be jumping from the IG, since Grey Knights were what he originally wanted to start with (the old codex and expensive models crushed his dreams there). As a result, I think we are going to have to make some serious changes to any army lists we make, especially with this new codex seeming so threatening. I know my Tau will probably (ok, definitely) have a hard time facing all that psychic, close combat terror! And it seems that the Grey Knights will be pretty good fire-power wise, too. Uggh. Why do the new codices have to be so well-rounded? The older codices are definitely going to have the worst time of everyone.

Anyways, some of the things I plan to do are to start making my Tau more mobile (i.e., no one stands around except Broadsides). Ways to do this? More Fire Warriors in Devilfish, no kroot, no pathfinder assistance (aaugh!) and plenty of long ranged Battlesuits to try and keep that fast stuff away. I have bee thinking of also including at least one Twin-Linked Plasma Rifle XV8 squad, as I had great luck with the Twin-Linked Missile Pod variant at my last tournament. Very accurate stuff here! Who knows, this may be the way I outfit my commanders, so I can benefit from the extra BS. Keep coming back to see more ideas on how to counter 40k's newest (and possibly greatest) threat to date!