Heh, I didn't realize that before these Gremlins, I hadn't painted a Malifaux model in close to 3 months. Good lord how fast time goes by when work tries to throttle the life out of you.
Luckily for me these little guys were a breeze to paint.
I'm slowly working my way down the list of Gremlins to paint and I'm leaning heavily towards a pig-centric list. Something about bouncing pigs back and throwing the odd explosive swine that just makes me giggle inside.

I followed the same basic steps that I took for the piglets larger kin. Blood red base coat, light black wash to darken the recesses, and highlighted with a brighter red to help make the muscles pop out a bit.
Mane is basically black with a light grey dry brush to help you see the various strands of hair.
Teeth, hooves, and horns are just white with a splash of Gryffon Sepia to make them seem more yellowed and dirty.

The idea of bomb pigs is hilarious. It's the whole reason for a very pig heavy list. I'm not sure how well it's going to work, but it should be a fun game at the very least.
Painted the dynamite sticks an orange with yellow stripes at the tips to help them be more noticeable against the dark red skin. I love the classic ACME bombs and everything, I just wish they would have created new models rather than reusing the classic piglets with bombs modeled on top.

This was going to say BOOM but I greatly underestimated how hard it is to paint words that are less than a millimeter high.
I think I may be getting better at painting wood. At least I did a better job with the highlights on the boxes than I usually do.

It may be hard to see, but I attempted painting fire for the first time on the lit fuse. It is very similar to trying to paint lava.
I made the mistake of painting the fire in reverse and starred at it for nearly 15 min before I realized why it looked so bizarre. I knew I had the correct colors down before I realized that the order it was in showed the fire starting from the top going down into the fuse.