Hi guys, this week I actually got more hobby time than planned. I didn't have to work as much as I thought I would. Hobby-wise, I cleaned up some Eldar for the Memorial Army for The Girl, played a few games, put togehter some Black Box Grey Knight Terminators and attended a local tournament. The tournament was at Wonko's. They have a lot of new players at Wonko's and the atmosphere is a lot more laid back back than the competitive scene that I'm used to. Unfortunately, I arrived too late to play. But, was asked to help a few new players through their games. It was fun and a nice change of pace. While I was there, Goatboy, Mrs. Goatboy and Darkwynn stopped by to pick up on some old Grey Knight models. We talked about the Black Box models a bit and the new GK codex in general. A lot of people in the area are starting or going back to GK armies. It should be interesting.

  I've been extremely lucky the last couple of years. I played IG and SWs before and their new codexes have been killer. Now, I am wanting to do a new army and the GKs are calling. I'm thinking about doing a non-GK army(AKA Henchman build) that will incorporate the Praetorian theme. The conversion potential is enormous and I think this will be a fun army to build and paint. I need to spend some more time with the codex. Some units I am considering are Death Cult Assassins, Crusaders, Warriors, and Banishers mixed for assault and a mix of Psykers, Servitors, Joekero, and Warriors for shooting. I also love the Dread Knight but, am thinking of kitbashing it with a sentinel to give it a Praetorian driver. These are just initial thoughts and I plan on spending some time this week going over the codex to get a better idea of exactly what build I want to start with. Overall, I am excited with the idea of building a new army.

  How many of you are planning a GK build? What build are you going to use?

Y'all take care,...and
Go Roll Some Dice!!!