While I’m pretty sure I have the equivalent of hobby ADD this side project is for good cause.  So for the time being all of my other projects have been put on temporary hold.

I’m painting this Archon for a friend who’s incredible act of generosity compels me to repay his kindness.  Since he refuses any monetary reimbursement, I’m repaying his hospitality as best I can.  Despite the Archon being one of the most evil and selfish figures in the entire 40K universe it’s his favorite sculpted miniature.  So I bought one and plan on painting it as best I can for him.

I finished the base tonight…



I extended the rock that is under the right foot using green stuff (obviously).  I then used Vallejo Black Lava to texture the base and added some GW basing sand to give it a little more character.



I’ll finish the base off with some GW static grass after the model is finished being painted.  Once all is done it should be very close to the one on depicted on GW’s website.

IMG_2799 (2) (799x800)

Thanks for stopping.  Cheers!