A pretty simple conversion again. I changed my mind a few times with him: I originally built the Archon with just the Agoniser, Blast Pistol and Phantasm Grenade Launcher, and then decided to magnetize the PGL and the pistol.

This morning while looking in my bitz box to see if I had something interesting to make a Klaivex for the Incubi I had just received, I found this serpent-looking thing, which is an instrument for the Dark Elf Corsairs musician. A few minutes later, a new Archon was born :) I had to glue the PGL to make it work, and in a weird way, but I kinda like it. It goes very well with the Duke conversion, so I can say he's part of the Duke's pirate force and play him when I'm tired to the Baron or the Duke as HQs.