‘Those bitches are mental!’ cried Stormwind. A little harsh, but then the Wood Elves never really were famed for liking girls. The Dark Crag Assassins liked to power forwards with their Witch Elves, punishing any players who strayed too close to the sidelines, and the Green Glade Hackers paid dearly at the hands of the crowd more than once.

‘Go Long’ Glorfindel managed to spend several stints in the reserves box after refusing to believe that any elf could be so fierce and it was only the sheer experience and skill of the Golden Tornado that prevented her from being ejected herself on at least two occasions.

The match was one of outrageous luck and shocking misfortune, most of the luck going to the Hackers and most of the misfortune... Well, it is an unlucky team indeed which can have a player trip as they tear into the endzone, only to then have to watch as one of the Wood Elf catchers manages to single-handedly shunt one of the aforementioned witches into the crowd, seriously injuring her, before a grinning Wardancer skips merrily up the pitch with the dropped ball...

In truth, the Dark Elves had done everything right, but somehow the gods of fortune which smiled upon them during the start of the season had now turned their eyes to newer wards.

Of course, being an Assassins game, the whole thing was marred by violence. Dacex Darkbull smashed the collar bone of Helfen Acorn-Doom so badly that his continued appearance on the team (after several previous injuries) is now in doubt. The Hackers also lost the Auburn Assassin from their next game after some poorly-timed acrobatics left him with a fractured leg – although it is thought that he will make a full recovery soon. The highest profile injuries were no doubt the two Witch Elves: Amber Warbull received a smashed hip from the Wood Elf stands while Sadie Nightrift, who was brought down by Stormwind, had to sit out the final minutes of the game.

All-in-all, a great result for the Hackers and – although disappointing for the Assassins – this is one that is destined to be a fan-favourite for some years to come.