I was contemplating on changing my stormtroopers color scheme for awhile now because I wanted my stormtroopers to stand out away from my veterans. My veterans use the same models and grey/ black color scheme as the stormtroopers. When I first started with my IG in 3rd edition, I painted my guard to the Harakoni color scheme mentioned in the the 3.5th ed. codex. This last month I found an old printed color copy of the Madusa V campaign book, that was free from GW in a PDF form at that time, and decided to read the copy completely this week. I noticed an old drop troop strike the Warhawks conducted against the TAU and recalled that I was part of that attack during the MADUSA V Campaign.
So I decided to repaint my storm troopers to their original color scheme I ounce had them. Pictured above are my three veteran Sergeants. I am very happy with the change I made and hopefully they will see action on the table-top here again with their old color scheme.