Well since my last post I have done quite a bit. Last week, I did some fine tuning on my display board, modeled and painted a long fang, and did a weapon swap on my Wolf Lord on TWM. Of course this was all done Friday night prior to a tournament. So, I was up until 2:30AM and then got a few hours sleep before getting up @6:00AM to make the tournament. This week, I have been painting up the display Grey Knight Terminators for Dragon's Lair. I really like the models. They have some nice detail and were fun to paint. Unfortunately, I don't have pics....yet. I went with the standard Bolt Gun base coat, lots of Shining Gold and Mithril Silver bling and some Blood Red and Skull White touches for shoulder pads etc. I followed this up with a liberal Baddab Black wash (AKA Talent In A Jar). I think the BB muted the Bolt Gun nicely and I am happy with the results. I hope to get some pics next week. Today, I am cleaning up and assembling some DE Wyches to be used as Death Cult Assassins. I need to find or convert some heads and weapons for them, as well. Also, I need to get two more blogs written today.

  On to the March Mosh Pit, with very little sleep Caldera02, Real Genius and I all made the hour + drive to Killeen to play in Battlefield Games' 2000pt Hobby tournament. They had a new comp system that was an improvement over the old one. It wasn't perfect but did prohibit some nasty combos. It did let a few in such as my Creed list. However, I did not bring it as that would not be in keeping with the spirit of the event. So, I took my all foot(with the exception of one Drop Pod) Space Wolves. My first opponent was a a great sport playing Ravenwing. He is a fairly new player and I have played against him before. I ended up with a Massacre. My opponent was very gracious and was a joy to play. It always fun to play against an opponent that has fun win or lose. He was my vote for Best Sportsman.

My second game was also against some one that I had played before. He was running a newly painted Chaos force that looked really nice. We met in the middle and bashed each over the head. I thought I was going to lose but we were using Victory Points and it turned out to be a draw, thanks to my Blood Claws.

Game 3 was against a Blood Angel player. We met in the middle and bashed each other over the head, as well. But, my opponent's dice hated him and I ended up with another Massacre.

  Real Genius ended up getting Best Sportsman, Caldera02 got Best General, and I brought home the Overall. As always, it was well worth the trip to Killeen. The folks at Battlefield put on a great event. Now, I need to get ready for this Saturday's 1500pt tournament at DL. Most of the Austin crew will be at Adepticon and the Killeen boys are coming to Austin for revenge. I'm looking forward to it!

Y'all take care and...

Go Roll Some Dice!!!