More unpainted stuff! This time Reavers. I love those guys, and even though I'll probably always run the trusted 6 Jetbikes with 2 Heat Lances setup, I magnetized all the options. Here are the pics:

 A standard bike...

 ... which can be changed to an Arena Champion with Agonizer! (Arm, Head, Jetbike fin are magnetized)

I also converted the bikes with the special weapons. I wanted them to look more aggressive, but also to have an easier way to distinguish them from the others while they were not painted (the gun isn't easy to spot from a player's view). So I added some extra blades :

Note the extra magnet at the bottom of this last pic. It's for the Cluster Caltrops or Grav-Talon upgrade, which I didn't take a pic of. On the 3 other bikes I magnetized I hid the magnet a little more, this one was my prototype.

Bonus pic: the weapons rack, featuring blasters and splinter rifles :)

And of course, the flight stands were magnetized as well. This time, I kept the new ball stand, I just cut/filed one half of the ball and glued the magnet. This way I can keep the cool & weird angles while still using magnets for easier storage/transport.