To my mind, the Sanguinary Priests were like Warrior-monks, in a similar vein to the Chaplains of other Chapters. Simultaneously responsible for the spiritual wellbeing and the traditions of the Blood Angels. To this end, I tried to combine elements of the Empire Warrior Priests and Space Marines. Which meant I needed robes. And hammers. And the Sanguinary Guard.

Using some of the spares from the Sanguinary guard box, I built up the frameworks for the priests.
I decided on one "actiony" pose, one more sedate and regal. I also trimmed down the death masks from the same box, so as to give them the "faceless" look that the chaplains also have.

The robes were simply a flattened out sheet of green stuff, trimmed to a suitable size and wrapped around. The hood was a separate piece, and was actually in place first, so the robes could go over the edges and tie it together. The belt is a long sausage of putty, then twisted around to give it that knotted and plaited look.The whole "Dr Doom" aspect was an accidental by-product, but I like it! 

For the second Priest, the more regal one, I tried to make him more like a real priest. It was actually quite complicated, repositioning the arms to hold the chalice properly, the right arm being cut in more than 4 places, a lot considering the size of the arm...

In this ones case, the robes were slightly easier to make, seeing as I didnt need to have the whole "flowing and billowing" aspect, they hung down a lot easier. The chalice is mostly putty, built around the base section.
The hammers on both these guys were some spare Mantic Dwarf hammers.

On the tabletop, these guys are awesome. Giving all units with even just one model within 6" feel no pain? Hell yeah!

Painted pics are below!


Part 3 will be up during the week, hopefully with a bit less of a wait!
Anyway, decided I should spring The Phantom of the Imperium upon you. 

ta ta for now!