Hey everyone, just a quick hobby update. Lately, I have been working on conversions for my Grey Knight(less) army. I also painted the termies pictured here. They were out of the Black Box and were done for display. I didn't do any basing because they were to be given away after the Codex was released. I liked the kits a lot. However, I am proceeding with my planned Henchman build. The Praetorian Knight is about 70% finished. I hope to finish it tomorrow and get some pics taken Thursday night.

I played in a local 1500pt RTT this weekend. It was a brutal day for my dice. I had 3 great games, 2 I had the worst dice on the planet and 1 game got ALL the dice love. But all 3 games were a blast. Pictured below is the army that I played Saturday.

2 Wolf Lords on TWMs
15 Fenrisian Wolves
3 TWC, TH/SS, SS, nada
8x GHs with plasma, banner, MoTW,  power weapon in a rhino
7x GHs with melta, banner, MoTW, in a rhino
5x GHs with melta
6x Long Fangs with 5 missle launchers

I've got to get some sleep
Go Roll Some Dice!!!