I started the How To page today by posting my very first tutorial, the Getting Started tutorial. All my future tutorials will be based on the general information laid out in there, so check it out to get some good fundamentals down before we get into the more advanced stuff!

I finished a major step in the building of my Titan the other day. Pictures of the finished part has been uploaded to the Other Models section. Go take a look!

Also, I picked up the Grey Knights codex yesterday. I haven't made my final decision about them, but so far they're pretty powerful. I don't think they're rediculously overpowered like the Blood Angels are, but there's some things I didn't think I'd see. Everyone has psychic powers. Everyone. Even the techmarines. Even the rhinos! It's a little rediculous, but it seems to be balanced by the points cost of the individual models. I like it, but we'll see how it works out on the tabletop.