You may have caught a glimpse of the start of these in my Lighting Article, but thought it about time to share something "current" with you, The Emperors own guardians, the Adeptus Custodes.
First, History.
Originally the Legio Custodes, they came about around the time of the Terran Unification Wars, before the Great Crusade. Bodyguards of the Emperor, during the Crusade they also acted as envoys, and spoke with the Emperor's voice. Post-Heresy, they rarely leave the Emperor's side, virtually never leaving the Palace.

They have been about, fluff-wise, since Rogue Trader days, and in fact, I just bought myself Codex Imperialis off of ebay, to get a little bit more background info on everything GW doesnt want you to know (Remember, the clock, THE CLOCK!)

Anyway, onto the models. I wanted something nice. Something a bit bigger than power armoured marines. Something rather detailed and ornate. Enter Scibor Miniatures.

Admittedly, there is a lot of (relatively simple) press molding, but you have to admit they look gorgeous (not that cheap at £20 for four though!)

Scibor Miniatures do some amazing stuff btw... Check them out.

So, I had the main torso for the Custodes. I needed Terminator arms, as being true-scale, they are too large for power-armour arms. Oh, the Grey Knights were recently released you say? Hmm, nice actively posed arms, yes please.

The weapons were a bit of an Issue. I didnt want to simply stick a bolter onto a long pole, as tbh, Iv seen many people do that, and it looks a bit shit. Surely this ancient weapon should be a bit more intricate, and well-built? Not a redneck styled bodge! Enter the old school...

For needing a power-weapon/halberd, with a built in bolter, how do these work?

Very fething well! Luckily, I have 5 of these guys sitting around, and so, after sitting down at the table with some resin bodies, some long OOP metal bits, some bits from the new Grey Knight termis, and some ProCreate, I have this:

More poses below:


Love to hear what you think/if anythin is needed or what have you. Also, I have 3 more to do, but am saving the last one to do a simple step-by-step guide...