This is the best I can do with what I have model-wise. I took out all the fun and frills. No more randomness of waiting for reserves. What's left goes all on the table at once, all on the same flank and attacks in unison. For the Eldar, it's not very elegant, seems kinda Orky, but it's worth a try. Stay focused and don't get fancy.  Always remember to play the mission and be mindful of the objectives. I type this crap, but I never seem to do any of it during a game...

The Baroness-- 105Pts. IE: Baron Systhonyx.
8-Hellions-- 128Pts.

10 Warriors
Splinter Cannon
Flicker Field
Night Shield--195 Pts.
2 Units for 390 Pts.

10 Wyches
1 w/Shard-net
Phantom Grenade launcher
Hay Wire Grenades
Night Shields
Flicker Field-- 230 Pts.

Night shields
Flicker Fields--125 Pts.
2 Units for 250 pts.

6 Jet Bikes
2 w/ Heat lances--156Pts

3-Trueborn w/ Blasters
Night Shield
Flicker Field--161Pts

5 Mandrakes--75Pts.

Grand total of 1495

The army basically works in three waves. Jet bikes and Mandrakes play disruption, the second wave of Hellions, Warriors and Wychs. Finally, the Ravagers play the support role. I'm aware that not everyone is a big fan of the Night Shield upgrade, but I am. The only silver lining to my last game was watching some of  Z's guns come up short, thanks to the Shields. Just 10 Points to break my opponent out of his rhythm for those first few crucial turns is not be dismissed. They also give you a edge during a Night fight. Go fig...

If there are any blinding errors or omissions? I'd be happy to correct them.