So, if it wasn't clear, I play Space Wolves.  As much as I enjoy modeling infantry, I really get a kick out of Warhammer 40K vehicles.  So, I figured I'd start things off with some of my tanks and Dreadnoughts.

First up, my Rhino and Whirlwind models:

There's not a lot of customization on these, but there are lots of bitz from the Wolf Pack kit, and the Forge World Space Wolves brass kit and Space Wolves Icons kit.

The Rhino was the first vehicle I painted, it was a lot of fun.

Next up, we've got my Predator:

I originally bought this kit with plans to magnetize it, and use it optionally as a Rhino.  After some painting, I realized that the sponsons and doors were too tight to work easily.  So, I ditched that plan.  However, I was able to keep the magnetized set up on the actual sponson weapons and the weapon on the turret.  Here's the the other options:

I have a Land Raider and a Land Raider Redeemer as well, but they are not far along.  I hope to share them in a future post.  I can share my Dreadnoughts, though.  

Some of my first customization work was on my Bjorn the Fell-Handed model:

I started this one with an Ironclad Dreadnought kit.  I think it lends the chassis a bit of age, without the guadiness of the Venerable model.  The claws on the CCW are custom sculpts, as is the wolf-pelt on the banner.  The arms are magnetized, so I can switch out weapon options.

My 2nd Dreadnought is based on the model in the Assault on Black Reach starter kit:

Since I rarely actually play a list with Bjorn, I actually use this Dread more often.  I love the Tyranid Gargoyle in the CC arm!  A friend donated that bit to me, and I had fun cutting it up and using it for this model.  The arms on this one are magnetized, too.  Here's the autocannon variants:

The last model, for now, is my Drop Pod:

This was a real challenge to paint!  I assembled the whole thing first, which made painting the seats a real pain!  I think it cape out pretty good... though, when I build my next one, I think I'll paint it when it is partially assembled...

Thanks for reading!  Hopefully, I'll post next week with some more tanks, or some terrain...