Armoured column moving to fight the unfortunate Georgians :(

I was going to go out tonight, but assignments have got the better of me. I made a compromise though, and am now drunk off goon while my tacos cook XD And since I am intoxicated, I can't do my assignment (well) lol

Anyway, I have decided that my next army will be an imperial guard army based on the Russian Ground Forces.

This will consist of (roughly)
  •    2 Mil-Mi 24s for Vendettas,
  •    Another Mil-Mi 24 for a Valkryie, with 10 Stormtroopers (Spetsnaz)
  •    40 Veterans in 2 BMD-2's and 2 BTR-80's (Chimeras) 
  •    Company Command Squad in BMD-3
  •    BMD-3 converted (Hellhound)
  •    2 T-90's (Leman Russ)
I calculate this will be (upgraded) about 1635 points, with 115 pts left over for upgrades (to be a 1750pt army)
I know veteran spam armies are lame, and I'm not fond of them, but I really am just doing this to save money and to not have to paint so much damn infantry. This force will be fully mechanised, unlike my semi mechanised steel legion.
I'll reuse my existing storm troopers too, but perhaps buy some kasrkin.
The Russians are allowed to use whatever camo they like, and many wear runners, as they are subject to random fitness runs without warning.
Check out pics of their kit at
Example of the fun I can have painting different camo schemes...pic by Romans

Anyway here are pics of the vehicles I'll use:
Mil-Mi 24...isn't it the coolest helicopter ever? I love that camo scheme too.

BMD-2 I think the chimera is partly based on this. This looks better though :)


T-90: I like the sleek low profile of Russian armour.

My comrade over at kindly uploaded a pic for size comparison of a 1/35 BMD-2.
This is what they will look like: 
BMD-2 with w Russ

I just need to find what heads can replace the crappy cadian ones. I don't want to use pig iron colonial militia ones again...nor gasmasks in large quantities.

I will need to add a death korp lascannon team to my steel legion, as well as another chimera and a medusa. I would like to convert 2 squads of armageddon ork hunters and salvar chem dogs aswell. But I'll put that on Hiatus and start a new project. I have a job interview on friday woot!

If you know of good heads to represent russians, please tell me!
Back to designing a chair....