At long last it's complete!  I have not painted the Plague Furnace options yet, but that's coming down the pipeline.  Here's the link to the tutorial on how to magnetize the Screaming Bell/Plague Furnace.

Truth be told, I'm least satisfied with the Seer.  His mantle color is too similar to his fur.  I tried making one a cool gray while the other is a warm gray, but that didn't work.  I may go back over it, but probably not.  Sometimes I just want to be done, especially when I have 100+ Slaves/Clanrats/Stormvermin still in the painting queue.  His handlebars don't quite fit around the yoke, so i have to file them down a bit to make him fit better.

I'm the most proud of the Bell itself.  It's a great bronze color and I'm proud of my ectoplasmic fade on the clapper.

The base is also pretty boring but the model is so big you can't really see it.  It's also usually surrounded by Clanrats so it doesn't matter to me.