Yo! The Russians want their eagle back!

He said he was starting a Russian Ground Forces IG army...and it happened!

Spend ages looking on the internet to see if I could find a BMP-2 that was the right size. But BMP's are larger than BMD's in 1:35 scale, and they looked too short in 1:48 scale.

So here is my WIP BMD-1 chimera! Looks so good. Was a bitch to make though. GW models don't have as much fine detail either. Theirs is more appropriate for wargaming, It's bolder and less fine.
This is the first non-GW kit I made.
It was a bit hard because the chassis was bent, and it took ages for the glue to fix it.
I used  Revel plastic glue, for the first proper time ever. works a charm.

I have to come up with an idea for a top hatch that looks good, and a rear door. Perhaps a better way to give it a heavy flamer too.

Putting the multilaser in the turret took a little bit of thought, but was easy. all I did was glue bits of sprue and plasticard to create a sort of wedge to keep it in place. I didn't glue it, so It can actually elevate, like the normal chimeras.

here is the KIT I used, and pics.

Slightly longer than a chimera, and lower, and narrower. So more side shots, and easier to hide, in some circumstances.

Need to convert the back, to have a door.

I need to glue the tracks down onto the idlers somehow...

I don't mind the flamer really :)