Last post from my own comfy chair in Poland. Tomorrow a 12+ hour car trip ahead of me, hooray! But I have taken plenty of pictures to last for at least the next full month of content, woo! This time, some heavy armour!

Fun fact. The rear part of the turret is magnetised, in case I'd ever want th ebattery that goes with the Lascannons, but it apparently tilted a little (The magnet is a little too weak with all that plastic inbetween) and I haven't noticed, and I can't really take new shots. Ooops!

Of course there's more!

As I mentioned, oops! The back hatch is openable and it's actually the inside wall of the Rhino stuck right there. It isn't painted though, and is quite pointless anyway, so I didn't really take a picture.

Another tilted thing, the damned sponsons! One actually snapped on me, due to carelessly applied glue. It was a real pain to reattach! Still, seems 3 mm diameter magnets aren't that tough, but the bigger ones won't fit. Oh well. If you tilt them up they stay that way till you bump the tank, so it's okay

I tried to Wolf-ify the tank somewhat hence the tails, tails everywhere. And of course the runic inscriptions.

And some runic plates, just like the Land Raider.

And that's it. As I'm writing it I realised that I didn't take a closeup of the tank commander. Sorry! Still, I hope you liked it.

I think it looks pretty decent, too bad it doesn't see battle often. The Predators are really handicapped in this edition with all the defensive weapons nonsense. This loadout seems to be the best for the price, but it's still mostly a pillbox. But still, I liked the model so I took it. Also I'm not a fan of 3x5 ML Long Fangs... Although maybe the Vindicator would have been a better choice. I guess I'll have to have both!

And now, time to mentally prepare for a long trip. See you in 1200 kilometers!