In what I hope will become a regular thing (at least once a week/fortnight), Im gonna upload things I have recently finished and completed...

First up then its the Doctor.

"Doctor, who?"

Backstory: My girlfriend is a massive Dr Who fan, particularly of the David Tennant variety (probably because of the eccentric/cheeky charlie/boyishness of his take on the Doctor, and since it was her Birthday recently, I decided to do this for her.
Simple enough to paint, a series of Drybrushes and its done. seeing as he is about 25mm tall, drybrushing was more than enough... 
((I liked doing his converse. More models should have converse shoes...)

I cannot recommend HeresyMiniatures highly enough, best customer service I have had in a long while...

Next up, The Guardian:
This guy, a Scibor Roman Centurion, has Grey Knight terminator arms, Scibor shoulderpads and an old, OOP grey Knight greatsword. When I was building him, the biggest issue was the weapon. How do I make the Nemesis Spear, this ancient, archaic weapon look ancient and archaic, and not just a boltgun stuck on a pole. Hence, the old-school weapon...
The left arm required a bit of sculpting to cover up the hole where the Storm Bolter was supposed to go.

Painting was simple enough once I got down to a decent gold recipe, which is:

Scorched Brown U.C
Dwarf Bronze
2-3 thin coats of Shining Gold
Chestnut Ink, the magic fluid!
Shining Gold
Burnished Gold highlights

Quite pleased with the face too, turned out well enough...

I will get some more pictures uploaded once the dawn breaks and the lighting improves, but for now, this is your lot...