Thanks again to all those who have followed this project.  This is the closing chapter, the model is completed and has been passed on to its rightful owner.  If you read the first post to this project you’d know that I painted this as gift; to show my appreciation.  Without further rambling, I present the finished Dark Eldar Archon…

Archon - Final (1)

Archon - Final (3)

Archon - Final (5)

Archon - Final (4)

Archon - Final (2)

There are lots of step in between my last post on this project to the finished state, but for me to keep the finished model somewhat veiled until I could gift it away, this needed to happen.  Follow the jump for step-by-step tutorials of the completing stages.

As always, thanks for stopping by.  Stay tuned for what’s in the pipes as I’ll have some reviews of a great product line that recently made its way to the USA.  Cheers!

Husk Blade

  1. The blade was basecoated with Dheneb Stone.
  2. Two watered down washes were then applied – the fist was Baal Red followed by Devlan Mud.
  3. The blade was then layered with Dheneb Stone.
  4. A highlight of 1:1 Dehneb Stone to Skull White was applied.
  5. Lastly another highlight of pure Skull White.

Cape Lining

  1. The inside of the cape was first given a basecoat of Red Gore.
  2. Highlights were built up with a 3:1 mix of Red Gore and Fortress Grey.
  3. Further highlighting was done with a !:1 mix of Red Gore and Fortress Grey.
  4. The entire area was washed with Leviathan Purple.
  5. Lastly the most prominent features of the cape were highlighted with Fortress Grey.

Glowing Eyes

  1. The eyes were basecoated with pure Snot Green
  2. Scorpion Green was then applied to all but the inner part of the lens.  The Scorpion Green was then thinned heavily and applied around the eye sockets.
  3. The lens was then highlighted with a 1:1:1 mix of Scorpion Green, Golden Yellow and Skull White.  This mix was also then thinned and applied around the eye sockets.
  4. Pure Skull White was used as the final highlight and also applied to the most extreme points around the eye sockets.

If there is a detail you’re interested in that I didn’t cover, go ahead and leave a comment and I’ll reply with an explanation.