Hi all,

I spent this great sunday afternoon painting with some friends. One of them (http://dimsgalleries.blogspot.com/) puts my photographic skills to shame....How hard can it be ;-)
Anyway here are some pictures that I showed last week, but then better :-D
Without much further ado:

A damsel totting some serious firepower

The original models to test the colour scheme. Some flashy scorpion green freehand sstill need to be added as spot colours.....and bases of course.

A test skaven, still very WIP,but I'm liking my progress so far...Doing the skin wil improve the impact.....that's next on the list ;-)
And finally: "Mein Ehre heisst Trau":

Just for the record. I'm painting SS, because I like the dual challenge: colour scheme and hard to play(outnumbered and outgunned, that's what you get for being "elite"). Absolutly no nazi believes for me...just enjoying a wonderful game called FOW...BTW next army is gonna be allied and I opted for the 4th canadian armored division. I guess I'll be learing to paint a yellow maple leaf on scale 1/100th=> sounds like fun right?
Enjoy the post and keep your eyes open for some future pics....this quality :-D I promise!